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Li Tavor (1983) is a composer, performer, sound and visual artist and sometimes an architect currently based in Zürich, Switzerland. Their practice often negotiates the multiple ways of possible relations within a built environment. Further their work investigates how the intertwined nature of perceiving sound, space and time creates, reflects and shapes these subjectivities.


in collaboration with Saturne Camus-Govoroff

format: A3, color

in suppot of INAYA

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hi fidelity – my own private canon
or the politics of silence

cinematography: Saturne Camus-Govoroff

5 channel video and sound installation, 15’
Werkschau Kanton Zürich 2022


Talking Measures or How to Lose Track

in collaboration with Nicolas Buzzi

music installation, 25’
Istituto Svizzero dec. 2021 - feb. 2022


Talking Measures Speaking Mirrors

in collaboration with Nicolas Buzzi

music installation, 15’
Swiss Art Awards 2022

Haus Leuengasse, Basel-Stadt

extension single family house

in collaboration with David Winzeler

constructed in 2022

Schaufenster #1

in collaboration with Dimitri de Perrot

live electronic walk-in instrument, 51’

Theaterspektakel Zürich 2021

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The Presence of My Voice

for voice and modular synthesizer, 9’




in collaboration with Martina Buzzi and Nicolas Buzzi

real-time streaming format for improvised electronic music


Animal Talkin’ I-V

for strings, wood winds and modular synthesizer, 10’


Ensemble Arc en CIel
Synthesizer: Li Tavor


Love Stories /
This is not a Love Song, this is Therapy

in collaboration with Seraina Winzeler

private movie screening and text reflection, 2021

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the sound of men on cam
in collaboration with Ian Wooldridge
grafic design Sabo Day

vinyl and performances, 2021

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